The Interactive Christmas Fantasy Forest Light Festival Coming To Heaton Park

Lightopia returns with a brand-new immersive experience and never-before-seen installations...

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 7 September 2021

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The award-winning Lightopia will return with its flagship event in Manchester, for the third year, with a brand-new enchanting light and lantern festival; presenting a Christmas Fantasy at Heaton Park.

The never-before-seen, illuminated trail will feature magical and multi-sensory interactive lights, lanterns and installations, illustrating a story of an imaginative and fantasy festive world.

This immersive experience is the perfect Christmas adventure for family and friends, filled with wondrous light installations and mythical creatures. From the moment Lightopians step through the magical gates, the fantasy land journey begins…

This year, the entry points to Lightopia will be via the Gate of Guardians, protecting the enchanted land that awaits. Shimmering walkways, decorative lights and projections will guide the way, marking the familiar route direction for this new make-believe wonderland.

A Christmas spectacular can be discovered at the Grade I-listed Heaton Hall. Marvel at the 9ft bauble-inspired Christmas tree and the immersive stand-alone giant bauble, which Lightopians can walk inside. A fairy tale awaits at this unique festive land, as the characters and lights tell the tale of good vs evil, with the festive heroes protecting Christmas. Thousands of immersive lights will illuminate the Christmas land with a collection of vibrant colours.

Lightopia 2021 will also feature a fantastical Magic Circus display, complete with illusional installations and interactive entertainment. Let your imagination run wild, as clowns, animals and magicians take charge of the night.

Step into a land where love takes over at Lightopia, here you will discover the giant Earth Flower, which represents our planet. Help to care for the earth flower and give it a power boost.

With 10 musical drums guarding it, Lightopians need to immerse themselves in the experience and give light to the flower with musical energy. The earth flower’s roots run deep as they also illuminate the Field of Love – taking charge of all the senses with a love explosion of more than 50,000 love hearts filling the floor, leading the way into the Future zone.

The ultimate in fantasy exploration, Lightopia will be home to a Time Travel zone. Walk through holographic time portals and a colourful time tunnel, into the future, complete with digital interactions.

Lightopia’s Fantasy Forest is home to the most extraordinary and mystical animals to uncover. Walk through the enchanted, dreamlike forest and meet mythical creatures hidden in the woodland, including a nine tailed fox, unicorns and out-of-this-world flowers.

Lightopia 2021 will be a place of wonder, also find the Fantasy Universe with a supernova display and bioluminescence plants; Dragon’s Land featuring two huge 40m dragons and fabled fairies; Candy Land a sweet-inspired illuminated dreamland; Fantasy Bees – the iconic Manchester’s bee brought to life in a fantasy world; and a Wonders of the World display with giant mirrored, glistening crystals and gems, plus much more!

The Lakeside Water Show is a must-see, state-of-the-art projection show, bringing the story of Lightopia to life; with a new fantasy production created especially for 2021.

Ian Xiang, Creative Director of Lightopia, says: “We are excited to bring a brand new Lightopia concept to Manchester this winter, a fantasy world that has never been seen before. Lightopia 2021 will be a dream world adventure, for families and friends to escape to this Christmas.

“We want our guests to become part of this new fantasy Lightopia experience, as they interact and engage with the luminescent sculptures that trail through Heaton Park.”

Creative Designer for Lightopia, Ava Moradi added: “This year, Lightopia will bring new artistic illuminated displays with unique fantasy themed installations and light shows. My main focus as an artist is for this immersive light experience to bring happiness and joy; making this festive day out a go-to place for friends and family to celebrate together through the magical trail.”


Lightopia Presents: A Christmas Fantasy

Dates: 18th November 2021 – 3rd January 2022
Times: 5pm to 10pm
Cost: £20.00 for adults (or £22.00 on the day), £13.00 for children (or £15.00 on the day), and £60.00 for families of two adults and two children (£68.00 on the day).
Venue: Heaton Park

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