There's now a Murder Mystery you can do during lockdown...

It sounds like a pretty bloody hard one too!

By Manchester's Finest | 23 April 2020

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If you’ve always wanted to try a Murder Mystery, I’m here to tell you – they’re HARD.

As someone who once did one for a Christmas Party, there’s a lot of things to remember and do. Firstly you need to get your outfit sorted, which will cost you loads of money and time and effort.

Then, when you are there you’ll need to remember loads of facts and stay in character – even after 15 vodkas and a few glasses of mulled wine. Fair to say, by the end of ours – none of us knew what the hell was going on.

Well, you can now take part in a proper Murder Mystery online, perfect for lockdown. It’s called ‘Race To Mars’ and here are the deets…

Space agencies around the world are competing to be the first to reach Mars in a new global space race, but this fight has suffered a setback. After months of travel, the spaceship that was in the lead and was about to reach the red planet has been the victim of an explosion and has disappeared into the darkness of the galaxy.

The rest of the space agencies are now suspected of sabotage and you have become one of the key investigators. In order to get hold of relevant information, you’ll have to interrogate suspects and look for clues.

Reckon you can do it?!

The events take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7pm. If you fncy yourself as a bit of a Murder She Wrote – get involved below…


Murder Mystery Online: Race to Mars

Date: Sunday 26th April (& every Fri, Sat & Sun)
Time: 7pm
Cost: £10
Venue: Your Gaff

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