Think you could stomach watching a LIVE Autopsy in Manchester?

This certainly isn’t for anyone who gets queasy!

By Ben Brown | 13 March 2020

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Okay so I’ll put the cards on the table right here at the beginning. This autopsy isn’t actually with a REAL human body – so any weirdos, freaks or perverts who were hoping for that – tough.

This instead is VIVIT – the world’s only live post mortem experience, one which involves a human body dissection experience delving into the hidden world beneath our skin.

Experts, doctors and PhD researchers will be on hand to personally dissect the specimen and embark on solving the mystery behind the mortality of their ‘John Doe’.

The dissection begins with the opening of the cranial cavity – exploring the inner structures of the head, nasal cavities and neck areas. Working down the body, the thoracic cavity is then peeled back where the heart, lungs, diaphragm and more are examined.

Finally the vertebral cavity is opened and the spinal cord removed, as well as the digestive tract examined in detail including the functions of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, colon and anus.

You still with me?!

So most of you will be pleased to know that this isn’t all performed on a real human body but instead on the innovative VIVIT system, a life-size synthetic human cadaver that aims to teach the structure and function of the human body.

The anatomy inside is real though, and that of swine origin, identical in size and structure to that of a human and a rather less gruesome and macabre way of educating than using an actual human body.

So if you’ve always fancied yourself as one of them CSI types, or have always wondered just what’s going on inside that body of yours – this is the perfect event for you.


VIVIT: Live Post Mortem Experience

Venue: The Union, Manchester Metropolitan University
Date: Saturday 18th April

AM Session (10am – 3pm)

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PM Session (4pm – 10pm)

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