The Top 5 Boat Parties in Manchester this year

Most of you probably think that you have to book a holiday to Magaluf or Ibiza to enjoy a party on the high seas, but I am here to tell you that you’re wrong!

By Manchester's Finest | May 7th '19

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Okay, Manchester isn’t a coastal city, and no its probably not going to be 30+ degrees all of the time, but we do have a pretty big river and loads of umbrellas, so what is stopping us from partying like they do abroad? We’ve all been out in Manchester a thousand times, so why don’t we move this party to the water and really shake things up? The Gincident Gin is pretty much everyone’s favourite drink these days but does anyone actually know anything about it? I for one genuinely didn’t know it was a British creation which I’m sure will infuriate those of you who think that fact is common knowledge, but soz Gin Police, I was probably too drunk on the stuff to care where it came from. This extravaganza will touch upon the effects Gin has had on society and our drinking habits as well as serving a huge meat and cheese sharing platter and plenty of the finest gin cocktails. This event is will take place on a number of dates between May and July and will set sail from Castlefield Bowl. This is an adult only event (for obvious reasons) but we sure to nab your tickets ASAP because a number of dates are already completely sold out. What an inGINeous idea. Buy Tickets   ABBA Disco If you’re wondering why this event is first on the list it’s because I’m a huge ABBA fan and fully believe everyone else should be too. If you share my obsession with these 70’s icons, you’ll be pleased to hear that Manchester River Cruises are hosting a night dedicated to these legends that will see a live performance from a tribute act and will serve cocktail and canapés via table service. At only £40, The Princess Katherine will set sail on Friday 24th May from Manchester city centre and will boogie on down the River Irwell from 7.15pm till 10pm. If on your way you happen to hear to girls harmonising Fernando from a balcony in Castlefield, make sure you give us a wave guys - it’ll just be me and my mate doing what we do literally every Friday. Buy Tickets   Back to the 90’s The absolute best thing about growing up in the 90’s was the music and Turkey Twizzlers. From Nirvana to Whitney Houston, Oasis to Backstreet Boys, it was a decade born to party, which is why the Back to the 90’s river cruise is more than fitting in my eyes. On Friday 31st May, guests are invited to board the Princess Katherine for a night of Throwback 90’s hits, cocktails, dancing and singing that will take place from 7.30pm onwards. Although people are recommended to come in fancy dress, it won’t seem all that strange because you can’t step two feet into Northern Quarter without seeing 10+ pairs of boyfriend jeans and dungarees. This one is going to be an absolute belter- WELL EXCITED. Buy Tickets   The Rum Runner’s Revenge As you probably saw from Pirates of the Caribbean, Rum has been around for a bloody long time and aside from being Captain Jack Sparrow’s drink of choice, there’s a lot more you should know about when it comes to its adventurous history. On Friday 24th May, The Liquorists will be hosting yet another educational yet boozy boot ride around Salford Quays but this time, the focus will be rum. Keen sailors will be treated to a delicious Caribbean style meal courtesy of Jerk Shack, which will include Mutton curry, Jerk chicken and rice and peas and can expect to enjoy 7 delicious rum-based cocktails that will make you as wavy as they water you’re sailing on! Tickets are going to sell out quick though guys, so call your mate (mate, get it?) and reserve your spot now! Buy Tickets Swing & Rat Pack I remember watching a Rat Pack tribute act when I was a kid and falling head over heels in love with the voices of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett, and I can only begin to imagine how sensational it must sound in the intimate setting of a river cruise. Manchester River Cruise’s latest event, Swing & Rat Pack, is a night of cool swing and Rat Pack classics carried by the majestic of voice wedding singer, Russell Shaun. Following drinks and canapés on arrival, guests are invited to dance in the aisles, drink till their hearts content and make the most of the table service- so really, it’s a sophisticated night all round. Pick up will take place in Spinningfields from 7pm onwards and tickets cost just £30PP. Buy Tickets