Wanderlust: The guy who has been to every nation on the planet recommends Manchester Airport's best destinations

We asked someone who has been everywhere where he'd fly to from Manchester. Just get us (and Henrik) a pint or something.

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | Last updated 28 March 2019

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Mandina Lodges, Gambia (C) Steve Garvie

We asked someone who has been everywhere where he’d fly to from Manchester. Just get us (and Henrik) a pint or something. 

Most people get one or two chances to truly throw themselves into exploring the world- heading off for a few months, getting lost in the endless variety of landscapes, people, places, wonders, and walks of life this planet has to offer. Few of us repeat the experience, and an even smaller number manage to make a full-blown career out of it, scarcely stopping to catch their breath between this location and the next.

None of which comes close to what Henrik Jeppesen has achieved. Still under the age of 30, this Danish wanderer has managed to touch down in every single country. More incredible still, when we contacted him to become our first From MCR To expert, he was in the process of visiting each individual territory, too.

That’s a hell of a lot of air miles, to say the least, so we were delighted when Henrik agreed to provide us with a list of his top recommendations in terms of destinations available from Manchester Airport. Sent from somewhere at sea in the middle of a cruise, here are the best places to fly to from our nearest departure gates, according to a guy who has been to all of them.


Aarhus, Denmark 

Ebeltoft (C) Rudiger Stehn

“Head out to the beautiful town of Ebeltoft. Close by is the fabulous Molskroen, which is one of the best inns in Denmark, located by the beautiful Mols Bjerge National Park.”

Billund, Denmark 

Christiansfeld (C) Martin Nikolaj

“Visit the world heritage sites of Jelling and Christiansfeld, they are nearby. And head to the island of Funen. Falsled Kro is a place not to be missed.”

Banjul, Gambia 

Makasutu Cultural Forest (C) Steve Garvie

“Go to the Makasutu Cultural Forest. It’s a very beautiful place that also has one of the best lodges in West Africa; Mandina Lodges.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik (C) Daniel Williams

“It’s funny with Iceland. The first time I was there I was surprised how much it felt like Thy in Denmark, where I grew up. The second time I really got to appreciate it. I feel at home in Iceland and it is one of my favourite countries. The Michelin Guide doesn’t cover it, but I had one of my best meals anywhere in the world at an outstanding restaurant called Dill.”

Tallinn, Estonia 

Tallinn (C) Micah MacAllen

“Estonia is such a wonderful country. It feels like the Nordic countries, but with much better value for money. The service in Tallinn is excellent and the city has three world class hotels; Hotel Telegraaf, Hotel Schlossle, and The Three Sisters Hotel. The good thing is they are not expensive, a two-star in London could cost you more. The food is also excellent in the city, and I can highly recommend Restaurant Tchaikovsky.”

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm (C) Michael Caven

“One of the best cities in the world. Ett Hem is probably the single best city hotel I have stayed in Europe, and highly recommended if only the best will do. For a unique, cheaper hotel in a quiet location just outside town, try Hotel J in Nacka Strand. And Stallmastaregarden is also a very individual hotel, as it’s possible to have the feeling of being in the countryside, even though you can still walk into the centre of town.”

Minsk, Belarus 

Minsk (C) Andrea

“Great recent news- a visa is no longer required, so now is the chance to visit Europe’s last dictatorship.”

Zagreb, Croatia 

Banja Luka (C) Nick Savchenko

“For adventure travellers, head down to Banja Luka, which is part of a special region called Republika Srpska, in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It feels very different to other parts of the country I saw on my travels.”


Henrik Jeppesen surrounded by penguins on South Georgia Island