Autumn Hair Trends & Tips – with Terence Paul Salon

September has struck, Blackpool have already switched on their Xmas lights and the X Factor is back on our TV screens. It can only mean one thing…Summer is definitely over and Autumn is well under way.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 9 September 2014

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September has struck, Blackpool have already switched on their Xmas lights and the X Factor is back on our TV screens. It can only mean one thing…Summer is definitely over and Autumn is well under way.


At Manchester’s Finest we want to embrace the new season and have you looking and feeling your best. So we got ourselves down to leading Manchester salon Terence Paul and spoke to manager Dan Burgess to get a few tips on what to look forward to this season and how to keep our bonce looking beautiful!

Preparing your hair for Autumn weather
Dan: Preparation for hair is vital, so using the right products before you dry your hair, like the shampoo and conditioner you use, is key. That way it will help you control and style the hair. When it comes to hair people tend to think a lot of salon products are overpriced but if you think about it people spend a lot of money on make up and shoes…why not the same for something you wear everyday-your hair! You want to have your hair looking the best it can and in order to do that you need to use the best products. Whoever your stylist is should show you how to use the products they recommend for your hair and also when to use it. Sometimes people can buy something and then use it the wrong way. What you need to remember is that with professional products they tend to be more concentrated and that’s where most people go wrong…they use too much of it. The tip is to use maybe half of what you are used to.

What colour trends should we be looking out for?
Dan: People are still opting for ombre and balayages but they are just changing the contrast more and going deeper and darker as we head into Autumn/Winter. Less people seem to be going for the vibrant reds but it looks like copper colours are making a comeback and we will see more of them over the coming months. Blondes are like a pair of jeans; they are always in fashion but the tones change and also the technique of the colour placement.


Do celebs have an effect on our hairstyle choices?
Dan: Sometimes I look at some celebs and think they have great hair and others I think ‘who is your stylist?’ and why have they suggested that look. Quite a lot of our celeb clients are wearing Rapture extensions to give length and volume and because they are so easy to wear. We find people still come in asking for certain celeb styles though and we like to use the essence but then personalise it for them so it suits their own face shape. Quite a number of people are inspired by Miley Cyrus’ hairstyle and bring in pictures of her, along with TV presenter Emma Willis who has a fab look. The Saturdays Frankie Bridge (nee Sandford) is another popular hairstyle choice and despite it being around for a while we still have lots of people come in asking for a ‘Frankie’.

Men and beards… discuss
Dan: Over the last 18 months male grooming has just rocketed. Guys are spending more money on their hair, on their skin and on their looks. They are coming into the salon every 2 weeks for fresh cuts, beard trimming, treating their beards to oils and generally looking after themselves. There just seems to be a lot of guys who have embraced the big beard look. Generally guys do look better with facial hair and most can pull it off, plus they also seem to be getting a lot of interest in the ladies from it.
Will the big beards last? Well lately I’m seeing the guys who came in first as the trend-setters now trying to get one step ahead and mix it up slightly. A few men are asking for shorter hair on top and a more messy beard look rather than the structure we have been witnessing. The thing is once you do see a lot of people copying the same trend it does tend to be that the ‘cooler’ set then want to move on to something different and that’s what I can see happening with beards as we move into 2015.


What would you recommend as a quick fix for a bad hair day?
A messy bun is a great way to disguise a bad hair day, it can look very sexy and isn’t hard to achieve if you have a hairdressing donut. Less structure works well and by using dry shampoo you can also get some texture into what may be lifeless hair as well as giving the hair some grip for the style to stay in.

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