Breakout Manchester has become the Biggest Escape Game Company in the UK

Despite being open for just over two years, Breakout Manchester has become the market leader in UK escape games.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 9 February 2017

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Despite being open for just over two years, Breakout Manchester has become the market leader in UK escape games.

600 x 600 real life escape room game (1)

What is Breakout Manchester? – Breakout Manchester operates live escape rooms, with one site located in the city centre by the Town Hall and another site on High Street. Breakout Manchester is the only escape room in the UK with two centers in the same city. Teams of 2-5 people have one hour to escape a locked room by solving a series of clues and puzzles.Over 121,340 people have attempted to Breakout since the companies inception in May 2014.

What makes them the largest? – With 11 rooms and 10 completely unique games in one city, Breakout Manchester have taken over as the largest company in the UK, surpassing companies in London. These 11 rooms include the newest additions; ‘Reclassified 1& 2’. These idential games are not only more advanced, than has ever been created before, but are identical, meaning that teams can race against each other. This element gives people the ability to discover who is the real escape game champion! (Single teams are also welcome to play) If a team run out of games to play in Manchester, there are still completely new Breakout games available in both Liverpool and Cardiff at our centres there!

Due to the constantly growing nature of the company, Breakout have created over 40 jobs for people in the Greater Manchester area and over 70 nationwide. Breakout also work with many local companies and trades for work that they outsource.

What makes Breakout Manchester stand out? – Breakout have franchised or sold their game designs to over 25 different areas in the world including the USA, Canada, Peru Australia, Sauid Arabia, Israel, Tunisia, Finland and Sweden. Breakout are also the only company in the UK (and Europe) to have franchised to a cruise ship and now have two rooms on the brand new Thomson cruise ship – TUI Discovery, so now people can play Breakout and Escape while sailing the seven seas. Breakout regularly work with local companies to produce bespoke pop-up rooms for their events, having created rooms in Hotel Gotham and, most recently, Waterstones Deansgate for the midnight launch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The Pop Up Breakouts – Each pop-up the breakout have created has been tailor made to meet the needs of the company we’re working with at the time. We’ve worked with 2 companies for separate events in Hotel Gotham, and each time have created a unique experience for their event, whilst keeping he ethos of the company. The Waterstones event was very different and rather than break-out, the teams were trying to break-in to specially created puzzle boxes, each team had a station to work on, while Breakout staff interwove between them to provide clues when needed.

Breakout Town Hall: 14a Brazennose Street, Manchester, M2 6LW
Breakout High Street: 36 High Street, Manchester. M4 1QB
0161 839 8012