Breakout Manchester's New Game: Reclassified

We're always up for a challenge here at Manchester's Finest, and when Breakout Rooms come calling, you answer that call.

By Tim Alderson | Last updated 9 February 2017

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We’re always up for a challenge here at Manchester’s Finest, and when Breakout Rooms come calling, you answer that call. Our intelligence told us they had a brand new game, Reclassified, set over two rooms, blue and green, that takes the form of a final test at spy school. Battle each other in cracking the codes to escape the room and prove you’ve got what it takes to be that super suave Secret Agent you’ve always wanted to be. So Lee and I agreed to pit our wits against one another for a race against the clock, and our addled minds. Luckily for us help was at hand as we both assembled crack teams to support us, so it was to be – 4 vs 4, Blue vs Green, BRING IT ON!

We were told to convene at the new High Street site and all managed to find our way there, on time, so first mission accomplished. I’ve got to admit to feeling a bit nervous to be honest, like I was on my way to a job interview. Knowing I had to write about it afterwards meant an abject failure wouldn’t be forgotten quickly.

After a swift briefing from the staff telling us we weren’t to smash our way out (surely frustrations wouldn’t get that high?) we were locked in our room. Stepping inside there’s an hour counting down already, and that’s all the time we’ve got to solve 8 clues and escape. Things started off pretty slowly as we all clamber round fiddling with props and searching for clues, we can hear our rivals in the room next door sounding equally befuddled though, and lights on our wall indicate their similar lack of progress through the riddles.

Without wanting to reveal too much about what you’ll face on the other side of that locked door – you’ll need some common sense and a steady hand as much as a steady nerve. It’s all quite reminiscent of a certain 90’s game show, and had us frantically clock watching as we battled against games of skill, physical, mental and mystery. The only thing missing was those natty tracksuits, although I’m sure they’d let you wear your own.

As the time ticked down, codes revealed more clues and nerves became frayed as we could tell our competitors were on the right track too. With mere seconds on the clock all became clear and we finally made our escape, only to find the other team had made it out too, just. A dead heat, I like to think we were all winners though.


It’s the first time I’d done something like Breakout and it was really good fun. Anyone who grew up watching the Crystal Maze and other similar shows will no doubt fancy the chance to take on the room and win. It definitely adds an extra element of excitement being able to race against a team of your pals too. And if spies aren’t your thing there are tons of different games to play instead, whether you want to solve a murder, steal the loot or cure the killer virus, there’s something for everyone.

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