Ply: #LifeWithNoLabels

From 10th November, artist collaborators Bianca Mesce and Paris Veazey will be exhibiting their work at PLY.

By Lee Isherwood | 25 October 2016

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From 10th November, artist collaborators Bianca Mesce and Paris Veazey will be exhibiting their work at PLY. Bianca and Paris have been selected alongside 7 other artists and collectives to exhibit as part of PLY and Absolut’s art programme for 2016/17 and have been shortlisted for the PLY x Absolut Award for Emerging Talent.


Centered around the idea of #LifeWithNoLabels, both Bianca and Paris’ work has a great emphasis on colour and composition that compliments the interiors of PLY and the brand aesthetic beautifully. For the exhibition they will display a series of painting and textile works incorporating the LGBTQ colours using a mix of materials and layering styles to create a unique series of designs.

The artists are designing cushions exclusively for the show and producing these using methods such a screen-printing, spray painting and sewing. These will be used to furnish the venue for the duration of the exhibition.

All pieces will be available to purchase once the exhibition is over and the artists will be donating some of the proceeds to The Albert Kennedy trust, a charity that supports LGBTQ young homeless people in crisis, something that is very close to Bianca and Paris’ hearts.

Bianca Mesce comments “Working alongside PLY and Absolut has been one of the most important steps in both of our careers. It is a huge chance to be commissioned and have our work put out there without it being university related.

“It’s so important for us as artists to be able to have this opportunity as there is a lot of competition but doing this project will really help us to gain exposure, experience and network with others for the future”.

#LifeWithNoLabels is based on the concept of the limited edition Absolut Mix bottle. Inspired by the six-colour rainbow of the LGBT Pride flag, the design’s semi-transparent triangles allow the bottle’s colours to overlap in distinct ways when viewed from different angles. This intersecting effect symbolises the connection that is created when various unique individuals mix together.

Eight artists and collectives have been selected to be part in this year’s arts programme and in September 2017, one will be awarded the PLY x Absolut Award for Emerging Talent. The award winner will receive the award itself and a £1000 grant to support their next creative project, alongside goodies from PLY and Absolut.

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