Pet Friendly, Residents Lounge & Totally Flexible. Is The Slate Yard the future of renting in the city?

Many people, myself included, have experienced city centre renting which have come fully equipped with their own fair share of horror stories. Renters often find themselves at the mercy of expensive moving fees, unresponsive managers and private landlords who often want to minimise upkeep costs and maximise rents.

Welcome to the fold – The Slate Yard, who are aiming to provide a new standard of rental accommodation that offers a positive lifestyle choice – a lifestyle that you would otherwise not have access to, even if you owned your own home.

This lifestyle is what The Slate Yard is all about. They agree that living a decent life of luxury can be difficult when you’re renting, and so they have decided to put renting back into the hands of the renter.

First of all there’s the flexibility. Flexibility to stay at this city centre apartment community for as long as you like, whether it’s six months or five years.

Then there’s the apartments, which they’re flexible with – you can choose to have them fully furnished, part furnished or unfurnished. They feature riverside views as well as a brilliant residents’ lounge. Along with a 24/7 on-site team and zero contract fees, you get free coffee and free Wi-Fi everywhere including your apartment and residents’ lounge. It’s also pet friendly, which is unheard of with most rental contracts.

The Slate Yard is partnering with Manchester’s Finest to ensure that those who enjoy the finer things in this city, receive it.

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