Introducing ‘Gin Guide Volume 1’ at The Lowry Hotel

The River Bar at The Lowry Hotel are launching their 'Gin Guide Volume 1' this September and it's set to feature some of the most exclusive concoctions of Mother's Ruin available in the city.

By Steven Pankhurst | 30 August 2017

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Featuring a new menu of some fantastic gins, each Gin Guide Volume 1 drink comes with a 50ml measure of the good stuff and a choice of mixer.

Here’s what you can expect on the menu:

Star of Bombay
A twist on the classic Bombay Sapphire, that we all know and love, with the addition of bergamot orange peel from Calabria and ambrette seeds from Ecuador.  Whilst managing to retain Bombay Sapphire’s classic citrus character, the Star of Bombay has a well-rounded, earthy and floral flavour.  Served with orange zest and Juniper Berries.


Gin Mare
Herbaceous and savory, Gin Mare captures the flavors of the Mediterranean in a bottle with hints of green olive, thyme, basil and rosemary.  Housed in a chapel in the fishing town of Vilanova, Spain, the Giro Ribot family set the standard high in modern gin profiles. Served with lemon zest and rosemary.


William Chase Gin
Potato farmers by trade, the Chase family had a reputation for quality, supplying the nation’s supermarkets from their home in Herefordshire. Not content with their award winning “Tyrrell’s Crisps”, William Chase travelled the world to perfect the art of distilling using potatoes.  With this and a passion for gin, he turned to his apple orchards to produce this fruity crisp and clean spirit. Served with green apple and juniper berries.


Tanqueray 10
As a young distiller, Charles Tanqueray pioneered a gin that stood the test of time, and through this expression, his story continues.  With its origins in a classic London dry gin, Tanqueray 10 is infused further with the addition of chamomile flowers, whole fresh grapefruit from Florida and limes from Mexico during the distillation process. A well-rounded, silky spirit with hints of fresh citrus and white pepper. Served with fresh pink grapefruit and juniper berries.


Copperhead Gin
A pharmacist, hotelier and master distiller, Yvan Vindevogal set out to create a gin steeped in its medicinal history. Latching on to the rising gin culture throughout Europe, Yvan collaborated with one of the oldest Genever producers in Belgium, and together produced the gin that would stand out on any backbar in the world.

Gin Guide Volume 1 will be available to all guests to the five-star hotel and to the River Restaurant and Terrace Bar from the 1st of September.

The River Bar, The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Pl, Chapel Wharf, Salford, Manchester M3 5LH
0161 827 4000