Spinningfields' FREE Summer Cinema Line-Up 2018

The free cinema screenings in Spinningfields are back from Monday 20th August until the Tuesday 4th September with 5 great movies that you can sit and watch in The Oast House's lovely new courtyard.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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There’s something for everyone – check out what’s on:

Monday 20th August
A movie that teaches you one of life’s biggest and most useful lessons – if you fancy someone and they’re different than you, you should sack off your friends, buy some new clothes like theirs and completely change your whole personality in order to fit in with them. That’s what Sandy does (and Danny Zuko a little bit) at the end of Grease – everyone’s most favourite musical of all time. The bit at the end with the flying car does my head in every time but any scene with Jeff Conaway in it makes up for it. Especially when he talks about his job at Cardboard City.


Legally Blonde
Tuesday 21st August
Uh oh! I’ve not even seen this one. In fact, I’ve never even had a twinge to put it on – I don’t think it’s for me really. But with the power of pop culture and a general understanding of film I believe that this is actually a pretty decent turn from Reece Witherspoon who plays a blonde woman with a dog who decides to be a lawyer for some reason. I think it might be for a boy, but it then turns out that she’s better than the boy and so it sends a positive message to women everywhere. Yeah, it’s probably that.


Monday 27th August
Another one that I’ve not seen but to be fair I do actually have – I’ve just not got round to putting it on. It seems to me to be a proper Sunday morning film, after a proper messy night out when I’m getting in at 5am, kebab wrapped around my face and tin of warm Strongbow in my hand. Have a little nap, wake up around 11am and pop this on. I’ve heard it’s amazing though, from many sources both young and old.


Back to the Future
Monday 3rd September
Quite possibly the tightest and most impressively written movie of all time, Back to the Future has NO scene or piece of dialog in it that doesn’t impact on the story. Everything is there for a reason and as such it’s one of the most re-watchable films ever. Add to this a lead actor who has more charisma in one of his tiny little legs than a whole evening of ITV2 viewing, a soundtrack featuring an iconic 80’s hit and one of the best cars ever and you’ve got a perfect film. Fact.


The Greatest Showman
Tuesday 4th September
Everyone has been absolutely buzzing over The Greatest Showman since it was released at the beginning of the year and when you’re watching it, it’s clear to see why. When it’s on you find yourself with a nice big grin on your face on multiple occasions, just because of the sheer energy and audacity of the thing. Maybe not as much of a grin as Mamma Mia 2 but it’s up there. I’m also a massive fan of Hugh Jackman, I want him to be my dad. Or my lover. Not both.

All films start at 7pm. No tickets are required – just turn up.

Food and drink can be ordered from The Oast House who have a pretty decent selection of ales, wines and cocktails, as well as loads of top food.

The Oast House, The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, M3 3AY
0161 829 3830