The Blue Pig Review

We recently checked out the Blue Pig's food offering and we weren't disappointed.

By Matthew Tyas | Last updated 20 December 2013

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The Blue Pig is part of the furniture round the Northern Quarter these days. We heard they’d changed things up a bit recently so, (as we do) we went down to see how.

The Blue Pig has shifted its focus slightly away from being a restaurant to being more of a bar in recent months. I’ve personally hung around there a fair bit since it’s opened but hadn’t eaten there for a while and wondered how the shift of emphasis would have affected the food.

The menu is a fairly eclectic mix which sits well with the general new vibe of the bar. The Kobe Beef Burgers and Steak Frite are punctuated by arguably more exotic items like ‘a half pint of prawns’ (pictured). Very nice, obviously a touch fiddly, but, that’s part of the fun and as we did you can add them in as a starter and keep a couple back to do a bit of surf n turf with your steak.


In a pub mood? Can’t beat a Ploughmans lunch, and Blue Pig have got this one nailed, big slice of pie, proper piccalilli and a firm favourite of mine, pickled egg.


Lee had the Kobe burger and in a part of the world saturated by burgers it more than held it’s own, a weighty piece of meat on a “normal bun”, none of this heart attack grease on sweet brioche. The steak was tasty and cooked well, with stables like those you can’t go wrong, butin my opinion don’t go to the Blue Pig for something you can get anywhere, the things we enjoyed most were the interesting and inventive ‘bits’ they do. Order something from the menu you’ve not seen or tasted before, because that is what the Blue Pig is very good at.