Complete Stone Roses

The Complete Stone Roses Set To Play Benefit Show At Moho Live.

By Lee Isherwood | 27 April 2011

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Complete Stone Roses Set To Play Benefit Show At Moho Live
“minus the promotional costs, every penny above this will  also be donated across to the fund”

Scottish tribute aces and adopted son’s of Manchester, The Complete Stone Roses are asking their loyal fan-base for help this coming 27th May when they perform at Moho-Live (Tib Street, Manchester) at a special benefit show close to their hearts, Peter Lamb the bands manager and creator explains…. “when we first played Manchester many years ago, we performed at a venue called The Witch-wood in Ashton Under Lyme and that first night we played there, which must have been about summer of 2001 or something, we met a guy called Paul Roddy who made us all laugh with his brashness and bold behaviour in the dressing room after being invited in after the show along with a few other Roses fans, however unbeknown to ourselves Paul would, through time, become a very close friend and loyal supporter of the band”

As time went on and the bands shows got bigger, their new found friend would attend every single show in or around Manchester and eventually bringing his son James (9) to the sound-checks after being invited to do so by the band and manager, unfortunately though James, from birth, has had many problems in his short life with some severe disabilities (including a short life expectancy) which he has to cope with on a daily basis, regular checks on his health and if necessary, hospital visits throughout the year for different operations are all pretty vital for him, so over a relatively short period of time Paul and his family were welcomed as friends of the band with visits to their home being the norm’ before the band do sound-checks taking James and Paul along with them. eventually little James became a big fan and his eyes would light up whenever he heard the band ran through classics such as “Sally Cinnamon” or “Fools Gold” at their sound-checks, Pete continues….”what I loved about Paul was his total commitment to his son and his happiness and health, Paul’s entire life was centred around little James and for me that showed me just what kind of guy he was, he was also hilarious at times and would have us all in stitches with some of his antics, so we all grew to really admire and respect this guy, even taking him along with us in the tour bus when we played major festivals such as Oxygen, Loch Lomond and so on” however, tragedy struck earlier last year (June 2010) when suddenly and without warning, devoted dad Paul suddenly passed away whilst his son was in hospital for operations, the shock this caused everyone who knew him was severe and even now family, friends and the band members themselves find it hard to accept.

On hearing the news of their friends passing the Complete Stone Roses thoughts turned immediately to James and what would happen now that his dad wasn’t going to be there anymore and so whilst sitting discussing this as a band and friends of Paul, a suggestion was made to play a benefit show in Manchester to help with the on-going daily costs for James’ care, “looking after James is going to be a full time role for mum Jo now that paul has passed and we feel that if we can help her in any way then we will, this is why we decided to do this show, we would like to put the money raised into a fund for Jo to use for items or costs associated for the daily care and support of James” said lead singer Jon Mackenzie. Hoping to raise about £6,500, the band have committed their performance fee from the show and Moho-live’s head promoter Dave Morris has also announced that “minus the promotional  costs, every penny above this will also be donated across to  the fund”

Former Complete Stone Roses singer Brian McGee whom Jon took over the duties from has also pledged his support by confirming his new band CAIRO to the line up, Brian comments “Roddy became really close through the years that I was in the completes (2004-2009), he was a great guy and I always looked for ward to seeing him, his son james is a wee boy who’s always close to my heart and to support the complete stone roses on this day is something that I want to do for Paul, just to help the wee man in any way possible is something that I am well up for”


Tickets priced £15 are available in person from PICCADILLY  RECORDS & SOUND-BASE MEGASTORE, or online at
or by telephone on 0161 832 1111 or 0870 264  3333

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