A Royal Party

The Northern Quarter Street Party was destined to be a fantastic success & we went along.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 28 May 2012

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My favourite status update on facebook over the weekend read;
“After the fabulous Royal Wedding at least now little girls may grow up wanting to be Princesses again instead of WAG’s and Glamour Girls”
And what a fantastic, never so true statement!

As we all know Catherine looked sassy, fabulous, worldly, gorgeous, radiant and much, much more! And after reading several tabloids, magazines, blogs, websites regarding the dress, the day, the wedding as I am sure you all have done, I will not today be churning out the regular Royal Wedding Jazz in this article.

Infact I shall take the lime-light away from our fabulous Princess (who p.s I adore!) but instead shine it on Manchester’s Finest and what we all got up to! As you saw here on Finest we advertised the Northern Quarter Street Party; so that’s exactly where I took myself to on the joyous day!

After hearing the event was 1940’s style, whilst watching the event of the season, I donned my luscious red lipstick and opted for a Christina Aguilera in her Candy Man video style; hoping this would fit in with the trendiest corner of Manchester crowd.

When arriving I shouldn’t of been worried; dress code was not number one on anyones mind here! Instead fun, frolics and good old fashioned festivities were the only things on their mind!

I saw an array of people from the brides dressed up in their wedding dresses, general jeans and t-shirt folk, a sea of maxi’s and the good old British patrons donning the flag on their chests and dresses! A sea of lager in plastic cups and the British flag were all ones princess could see and good grief was everyone on top form. To say the sentence Proud to be British creeped into my mind (although when I think of that phrase I immediately cut to a beer-bellied man, in costa del ewww, no top on, pint of lager in one hand, singing vindaloo). However this was not the case on Friday as you can see below.

I would go as far to say the nation should consider national street party days every month! It was fantastic! I didn’t see a brawl & everyone was in a fabulously happy mood, with singing and dancing galore!

Oufits were fine and so were the people!


I believe festivities were also held in Spinningfields, Private Parties & In Parks Across the Manchester Area! If you feel your Royal Wedding Party was Oh So Fine, get in touch below!

Images by Holly Langford


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