Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse, a four headed mythical beast from the depths of Manchester.

By Lee Isherwood | 17 January 2011

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Formed in early 2007 and since have evolved to become one of the city’s leading lights, shining through the murk of sub par jangly Indie nonsense. Pushing the genre boundaries and blurring them beyond recognition in most cases, the band have created a sound which harks back to late 60s psychedelia, early 70s Progressive rock, while stealing the cut and paste ethos to music making, that Hip Hop has given the world. Having said all that, the band are just playing music that comes from them, music they want to desperately hear but nobody else bothers to make, as it requires a bit of thought.

2010 marks the year in which they finally release, what they are terming, ‘the album of the decade, if not the fucking millennium’. 3 and a half years in the making, it is a distillation of the ‘Prog Nouveau’ movement the band, have been pushing from their inception. A mix of old and new, borrowed and blue, marrying it all into one big epic auditory experience.

Inside the Trojan Horse is a totally new world. Forget the war that’s happening outside. Focus more on the one that’s happening on the inside…Trojan Horse are the band that will give the sense of security to Manchester and cause all hell once inside. “ 7/10  Glasswerk National

“What impresses is how successfully they can adopt a pick and mix approach to different styles that goes beyond mere magpie thievery, and at the moment Trojan Horse are among the best of the crop, just do your best to catch them now lest they withdraw back towards the underground.” 7/10 Drowned In Sound

“Their debut album exhibits an almost disturbingly asymmetrical and yet cohesive sound which never sacrifices melody throughout. With surprises at every turn it’s undoubtedly one of the most unique records which I’ve heard this year, especially for a debut as well.” Sonic Reverie

“It’s very rare for a band nowadays to emulate the grandeur and madness of psychedelic wizards such as Cardiacs and Piper at the Gates of Dawn era Floyd, but these guys come pretty close.”4/5 Beard

“In a city that is once again been looked at by the world’s musical press as a trend setting city, Manchester should champion Trojan Horse as a band who blur the edges of what is expected of progressive modern music.” MCR Scenewipe

“The work rate on their debut album is somewhat amazing… where shades of Python meet the late lamented Beefheart, funnelled through or somehow anchored to a modern strand of intelligent rock.” 4.5/5

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