Boxed In return with show at Gorilla

+ Silverclub
Tuesday 16th June
£9 Advance:

After an incredible sold out show at Deaf Institute in February we’re delighted to welcome back to Manchester, Boxed In – a band whose inventive fusion of slick guitar rhythms and propulsive beats ensured a quick rise in popularity before their self-titled debut album even hit the shelves.

The music press loves them. NME were quick the throw praise, saying the record ‘will enhance your life’, then The Line Of Best Fit compared the songwriter & producer behind the project, Oli Bayston, to molten lava because “he’s been bubbling under the surface of the British music scene, slowly but surely heating up everything he’s come into contact with.

The volcanic eruption then is a textural pic’n’mix of Technicolor piano powered by an ear for quirky pop and sticky sweet earworms. Opening track ‘Mystery’ flows from a riff that could be out of a house compilation, but it’s penned from a grand piano rather than a synthesised loop, giving a classical feel to what will become a resurgent pop classic. The frenetic ‘False Alarm’ reverberated with enough bass to topple the sturdiest speaker, and ‘No Joke’ feeds a four-four beat into a kaleidoscopic smooth synth patchwork.

It’s Oli Bayston’s dexterity, merging everything from the house record he was influenced by as a child to the contemporary bands he fell in love with as a teenager, which makes Boxed In such a special proposition live. Come see for yourself.



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