New Year’s Eve at Roc & Rye

Never one to do things by half, Roc & Rye are looking to see 2017 out with a bang, continuing their fantastic Drink, Dance, Disco night right through into the New Year and beyond.

By Ben Brown | 21 December 2017

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Even though most people would agree that New Year’s Eve is usually one of the most disappointing nights of the year, mostly due to the fact that it costs about £20 to get in somewhere and it’s then packed to the rafters of people looking for a ‘big’ night when in reality the day is just an arbitrary concept devised by some geezer named Gregor.

Looking to subvert this expectation, Roc & Rye is FREE all night – so you won’t need to go through the rigmarole of buying tickets or fumbling around with your wallet at the door while a bouncer laughs at you – just walk in and get ready for a top night.

Each Saturday Roc & Rye run Drink – Dance – Disco, belting out some of the best disco classics all night, complete with some cracking cocktails, lights and plenty of dancing, and New Year’s Eve is going to be no exception.

I’m pretty sure it will also be a good place to get yourself a cheeky little snog at 12am too – I don’t think I’ve ever seen an unattractive person in there yet – as I look through the window with my ugly mug like Tiny Tim ogling over a big Christmas Dinner.

If you want to book a table, give them a shout on or call 0161 414 0057.

Roc & Rye, 60 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 2BQ
0161 414 0057