Run With Scissors

Run With Scissors presents an exclusive launch night at Joshua Brooks

By Manchester's Finest | 6 October 2011

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To celebrate the launch of their latest bespoke clothing line, Run With Scissors presents an exclusive night at Joshua Brooks in Manchester on Thursday 13th October.  DJ headliner and MODA legend TOM STAAR will be joined by RWS DJs Soso, Sweatshop and special guest Le:on.

Judging by Run With Scissors’ notorious parties in The Alps you can expect one hell of a night at the intimate award-winning Joshua Brooks venue and with early bird tickets at £6 and impressive drinks offers the event is likely to sell out in advance, so get yours soon!


A founding member of the Moda collective, Tom Staar has played a huge part in creating one of the UK’s most exciting new music brands, alongside Jaymo & Andy George.

Moulding finely crafted bass around quirky and often complex percussion, Tom’s sound can stray from the game boy melodies of his debut Console EP, to the darker, Techno-tinged fixtures on his follow-up release, The Heavy Artillery EP.

Pretty much every track he makes gains huge Radio 1 support from Annie Mac who has been a supporter of his cosmic sound from day 1.


‘Run With Scissors Clothing’ was launched in Cornwall in Summer 2010 by local boys James McEwan, Andy ‘SoSo’ Hutt and later joined by Dj Sweatshop.

Their ethos was to provide fresh, artistic and desirable fashion choices and party offerings for their contemporaries, as an alternative to the cliché surf-lifestyle brands saturating the South-West’s market.

A year since its launch and RWSC is achieving success beyond the realms of its primitive North Cornwall beginnings, with people across the UK and Europe enrolling in the brand’s unique, eye-catching, tongue-in-cheek approach.

It was not long before the RWSC co-founders caught the attention of Manchester-based DJ and clothing genius Dave ‘Sweatshop’ Evans, and two became three, allowing the RWSC crew to take their brand global.

Following a stint of hosting parties, clothing and good vibes in the snowy French Alps and a after hectic summer festival season, RWS are set to take the Autumn/Winter scene by storm with their latest clothing and party offerings.

To keep up-to-date with their latest events, clothes and updates, join them on facebook at

£3 Double spirit and mixer
£2.50 Tuborg
£1.50 Selected shots

£6 in advance or £8 otd