DAUGHTER at Manchester Academy: Review

Monday night at Manchester Academy is DAUGHTER, Elena Tonra (Lead Vocal) Igor Haefli (Swiss born Guitarist) and Remi Aguilella (French Drummer) the London Indie trio are joined on stage for tonight’s gig by a brass trio and percussionist.

Setting the mood is ‘Lionsong’ Bjork track which is played to the patiently waiting crowd, the stage glows purple and fills with smoke ready for the London trio to enter. We are immediately hit with Tonras’ piercing vocals on opening track ‘New Ways’ which is a highlight straight off, the chilled crowd give massive cheers.

‘Numbers’ is up next, stand out track from their new album ‘Not to Disappear’ which they are currently touring. DAUGHTER have been gigging across the UK and overseas all year and built up a good fan base, unfortunately the Academy was not a full 2300 capacity tonight, but there is a sombre atmosphere nevertheless. All seven musicians on stage dressed in Black with low lighting creates an ambient mood.

As you can see we are not alone tonight!” Haefi introduces the brass trio.

The set list skips between their two albums. ‘Youth’ is a standout moment in the Academy tonight, a track from their first album which the fans are all so familiar with and have a singalong with Tonra, with a strong bass it’s a powerful track live. Followed by quieter ‘Smother’

This is our last song we had such a good tonight, it’s been lovely” and they then play ‘Shallows’

They leave the stage and before too long the trio return with an encore, only Tonra, Haefli, Aguilella on stage. “This has been requested a few times this eve, maybe we will.” they play emotional track ‘Medicine’

The Trio welcome back to the stage the brass. “This is gonna be our real last song tonight. Thank you” Leading into the finale with the most upbeat and favourite track of the night ‘Fossa’ a track that the tame crowd have the opportunity to create some movement, but the stillness remains.

We are given a little smile and thank you from the shy Tonra before DAUGHTER leave the stage.

DAUGHTER are lyrically and musically stunning and live they give a dark emotional atmospheric performance, which worked in this venue but not sure they would fit every other.



  1. New Ways
  2. Numbers
  3. Alone / With You
  4. How
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Winter
  7. Doing The Right Thing
  8. Mothers
  9. Love
  10. No Care
  11. To Belong
  12. Human
  13. Youth
  14. Smother
  15. Shallows


  1. Medicine



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