Electric is a Refuge: The Long Weekender at Pikes, Ibiza

This much-anticipated weekender will open Friday 15th September with The Electric Chair at Pikes...

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 29 August 2017

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On the Sunday of the first Electric Weekender held throughout The Refuge and The Principal hotel in May, a harmonious collaboration of friends took place that ignited the weekend’s celebrations in a way that exceeded all manner of expectations.

The Ibiza legend that is Pikes Hotel came and hosted a day and night that saw over 2,500 dancers through the doors and experienced the supreme talents of Nancy Noise, Leo Mass, Alfredo and many more. This September, this beautiful partnership will reunite and this time take to the shores of Ibiza for Electric is a Refuge at Pikes, the long weekender.

This much-anticipated weekender will open Friday 15th September at Pikes, featuring at the helm, a trio of acts who have delivered a musical fervour to Chair regulars since its inception. The founding members – The Unabombers will be joined by Sheffield and Manchester brothers-in-sound, Justin Robertson and James Holroyd for a 12-hour extravaganza from 6pm ’til 6am.

Saturday 16th September from 6pm ’til 6am is the Pikes House Party presents HomoElectric. A home for homos, heteros, lesbos and don’t knows. Sexual orientation and music genres are irrelevant on the Homo dance-floors, which are held regularly in Manchester and London. Into their melting pot they throw disco, house, techno, rock ‘n’ roll trash, outsider pop, dirt, and glamour with no pomp or pretension.

Headlining the proceedings will be Nancy Noise, a DJ so steeped in the history of Ibiza, that she fell in love with the White Island back in 1986, where she came under the spell of Leo Mas and Alfredo at Amnesia, and who worked her magic at the inaugural weekender at The Refuge. HomoElectric’s very own resident supremo Jamie Bull will join the bill with special guests to be announced.

The musical culmination of the Electric is a Refuge at Pikes on Sunday 17th from 1pm ’til 3am will be, Refuge Recovery. A carefully crafted pick of the finest selectors will be on the island to bring this long celebration to a fitting close. Featuring the Manc luminary, Ruf Dug, a man who can bring analogue heat, weirdness, expensive records and 50p bangers alike.

Luke Unabomber, the Chair guvnor and one of the finest purveyors of vibe-selection to come out of the UK, Justin Harris, one half of the legendary Freaks duo, and last but by no means least, The Brothers Grim – two men who’s left-field knowledge of worldly musical oddities knows no bounds, will close off this long weekend spectacular.