Feeder @ Manchester Academy in 2018

In September, Feeder will mark 21 years since their first release ‘Swim’ with a career-spanning 42-track greatest hits package and a mini album ‘Arrow’ of nine new songs. Meanwhile, the band will also be embarking on a UK tour - including Manchester, obviously.

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 20 September 2017

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Saturday 10th March 2018, 7pm
Manchester Academy

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Speaking of the mini album of new tracks ‘Arrow’, Nicholas told NME: “It’s a nine track album, so its kind of a full album, really. It’s like a body of work. We’ve obviously named it ‘Arrow’ because we felt like it needed to have some sort of identity and be different to everything else on there. It’s all new songs. I felt it was really important for us and also, I’m always writing, so we didn’t wanna do a typical thing, you know, a “best of”, throw a few demos and a few B-sides on there, one or two bonus tracks.

“I wanted it to be something a bit more special than that and for there to be something fresh on there for the fans, as well. Obviously it’s more interesting for us and there’s more songs to play. It kind of just grew from there really, I think it’s quite unusual to have a best of that’s got a stand alone album as part of it.”

Tickets for Feeder’s headline show at Academy are on sale now.

Manchester Academy, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PR
0161 232 1639