The Dutch Uncles

A free Dutch Uncles gig at Manchester’s Night and Day? Yes please.

By Manchester's Finest | 18 April 2011

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A free Dutch Uncles gig at Manchester’s Night and Day? Yes please.

Renowned for being Manchester’s best live music venue and renowned for being the next best band to come out of Manchester, it only makes good sense to pair the two together on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
Whether sat or stood, Night and Day is packed with musician and art folk alike, showering Dutch Uncles with well – deserved attention right from the word go, (or in this case, ‘go’ being the energetic opener, Dressage).

On stage the Manchester five piece are charismatic and warm and unlike most bands hold the ability to erase the barrier between stage and crowd. Boasting his purposefully hunched posture and twitchy dance moves to challenge Britain’s Got Talent’s Twist & Pulse (remember them??), frontman Wallis could be wrongly accused of Dutch Uncle overdose, thankfully though he merges the confidence of Doherty with the humbleness of Barat to perfection.

At several points Wallis speaks to the crowd reminding them of Cadenza, their forthcoming album “out in nine days” and thanks them greatly for coming along. Posing as a single on the upcoming album too, Wallis masters both vocals and keys faultlessly for this Interpol-inspired number, while the still-responsive crowd bop their heads to the beat.

It’s fair to say that Dutch Uncles have found their musical niche – the fusion of upbeat and steady vibes, genius guitar solos and rapid tempo changes all contribute to their self-confessed ‘alternative‘ sound. It’s as if by magic, they manage to turn complex time signatures and awkward beats into great pop songs and with fellow friends Everything Everything to follow in the footsteps of, the only way is up for Dutch Uncles.

The lengthy set consists mainly of new material and popular golden oldies, Face In and Doppelgonger, the hypnotic Fragrant and OCDUC are the most memorable though. Eight songs later and the day draws to an end, and with a thumbs up to the applauding crowd, Wallis calmly repeats “Thankyou very much, wooo!”

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