Meandyou @ Soup Kitchen w/ Vakula

Heads take note- one of our favourite venues hosts one of our favourite specialist parties this weekend. Chins at the ready then, there will be plenty worth stroking over.

me and you finest

If you’ve never been to Meandyou chances are either you don’t care for underground four four beats, or have been out of town for quite some time. Over the last five years the organisation has been responsible for some hazy memories in our lives, with action taking place in an abundance of locations- from the Palace Hotel and Bookbinders to more established nighttime destinations like Mint Lounge.

In more recent times the crew have resided themselves, no doubt with some pretty big smiles on their faces, to the intimate basement of the Northern Quarter’s Soup Kitchen. As a space for dancing this has developed before our very eyes, from hollow shell to fantastically designed (and well kitted-out) club interior, making for quite the meeting of minds on seemingly similar paths (with both licensee and promoters seemingly intent on giving people decent things to do, and decent places in which to do them).

Saturday March 16th sees Meandyou return to this well-regarded stomping ground, in turn providing Manchester with a debut performance worth checking out. Vakula has been producing electronic music of note for around the same amount of time as this particular event has been running, emerging from Ukraine in 2008 and adding to his oeuvre of strange, dubby house and leftfield techno since then. In addition to this, some may be familiar with the man in question under his alternative guise, Vedomir.

Both monikers have been responsible for some truly unique, standout, not to mention varied work, meaning this is arguably the most interesting booking of any over the coming weekend in Manchester. Unfortunately, other people know about this, and last we heard advance tickets had already sold out. Nevertheless, if you’re in the area we’d still advise heading down to try and gain entry on the door (or by any other means possible)- trust us, it will be worth it (especially with residents like Joy Orbison and Juniper also in attendance). Full details below these clips.


@ Soup Kitchen; 31-33 Spear Street, M1 1DF

10PM – 5AM / £10 


Joy O




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