Nanny’s Top 5 Nights 28/29 March

With Easter just around the corner and two four day weeks ahead of us, there should be no reason for not donning those good old skanking shoes and heading for one of the many Mancunian dance floors that will be bouncing this weekend, here’s where’s good.
1.    Not So Secret Warehouse Party

This project was something that caught my eye a while ago. With nightclubs seemingly being picked off one by one at the moment, the offer of a party in a new 500 capacity warehouse isn’t something to sniffed at. Legend Greg Wilson plays an extended set touching on Disco, Funk, House and Soul as this season of parties kicks off on Friday. Definitely worth getting down to especially if you are after a change of scenery but only once a ticket has been purchased will you be given instructions on how to attend. Expect a lot more to come for these guys in coming weeks.  
2. Just Skank

Surprisingly, I think this is the first time Just Skank has had a mention in one of these guides, which is strange considering the impact these guys have had on the scene in recent years. This week’s show sees a line up that will have the 140bpm heads reaching for a box of tissues. Youngsta, J:Kenzko and Mancunian favourite Compa make up the bill along with support from the Just Skank residents, who are more than capable of holding things down. It’s all going off on Friday at Joshua Brooks and looks set to be very VERY sweateh.
3. Hit & Run, North West VS South West Hip Hop Special

We all know who is the best out of North and South, thats obvious. Gravy on our chips, realistic house prices and of course Manchester City all contribute to the Northern Cloud Of Terror which has overshadowed the South. But what about hip hop? London is what springs to my mind when I think about the UK scene but with Northern and in particular Mancunian music fully in bloom, could the title be due a trip up North? Get down to Antwerp Mansion on Saturday to find out who wins.
4. Soul:ution

Its not the first and I’m sure it won’t be the last time that Band On The Wall’s resident Drum N Bass night has featured on this site. This month’s special, in celebration of MC DRS’s EP Launch, Mid Mic Crisis, sees a live performance from the man himself alongside Manchester’s 8 Gold Rings collective featuring Tyler Daley. Also on the line up is LSB, Marcus Intalex and Bane. It’s a pretty big deal and gets the nod for the DnB choice of the weekend.
5.    Selective Hearing (secret location)


Ok, I know that so far everything has been a bit “urban”, for all you lot who are after some four to the floor it’s Selective Hearing. I don’t know where this is going down. Either the secret party location thing is the latest craze or I’ve upset a lot of people and nobody wants me to go. If that’s the case, I’m sorry. Anyway, once you have bought a ticket I’m sure you’ll be given instructions on how to attend. With Joey Anderson and Truncate on the wheels of steel the thrill of finding the party is made that ever bit more exciting. House and Techno all night long on Friday night.



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