Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats at Apollo Manchester: Review

The Denver, Colorado natives; Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are probably the coolest band around at the moment. The Seven piece band are in Manchester for the third time touring their self titled album. Previously playing The Ruby Lounge and The Ritz tonight they are on the stage of the sold out Apollo.

The American group’s ensemble of guitarists, an organist, a Saxophonist, and a Trumpet player all come together to make a soulful sound which is complimented by their frontman lead vocals Rateliff.

After an extended instrumental intro from the band, the bearded frontman fashioning a cowboy hat, denim jacket and snug fit jeans arrives on stage and opens with ‘Look It Here’ and the gig is set to be a party. Followed by ‘I Need Never Get Old’ the thrilled crowd are cheering, dancing and singing along.

How we all dong tonight? It’s a pleasure to be here with you tonight, we all having a good time?

A set full of tracks from there their debut album including fan favourites ‘Howling At Nothing’ and ‘Wasting Time’ and it seems a lifetime ago they sold out Ruby Lounge last October. Their high energy, blues/folk driven music and Rateliff’s ecstatic singing has everyone on their feet throughout their whole set.

We have been on the road since like last May, we just keeping you guys excited

The song everyone is waiting for tonight, breakthrough single ‘SOB’ and it’s a rowdy one, the Apollo is loud with foot stomping clapping admirers. Their extended encore dipping in and out of the track leaves everyone hoping it will never end as majority of the crowd keep the track going as they leave the venue.

Its was a raucous live show tonight. The Night Sweats are incredibly talented musicians. 2016 has been a big year for the band playing all the biggest music festival, 2017 is sure to be an even bigger one recently announcing a huge show at Hyde Park in July with Kings of Leon and The Pixies.




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