Doodle @Joshua Brooks

Sascha Dive, a chap who's arguably most associated with that world dominant imprint Cocoon

By Martin Guttridge Hewitt | 22 March 2012

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Tomorrow night sees the arrival of a particularly worthwhile DJ in our own fair city. Expect deep vibes no less.

So Sascha Dive, a chap who’s arguably most associated with that world dominant imprint Cocoon, though his work can be found on a range of outlets from Minimood to Raum, will take to the turntables in Joshua Brooks‘ often sweaty basement on Friday, March 23rd. The party in question, Doodle, hosted a bash at Kraak Gallery last month with Danton Eeprom, and as such clearly know a thing or to about what people want to hear.

Tickets for the event are priced at a rather reasonable £8 (albeit plus booking fee), and considering Mr Dive regularly headlines venues considerably larger than Princess Street’s most notorious club we’d say it’s probably a good idea to consider investing. Full details of the soiree are below, and by clicking on this link you’ll be transported to a valid vendor that can sort you out with everything needed to get inside.

Doodle @ Joshua Brooks 

Friday March 23rd 2012 

10PM-4AM / £8 

Sascha Dive

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