Primal Scream at The Albert Hall, Manchester: Review

When I first heard that The Scream were releasing an album (Chaosmosis) of self-reflecting songs along with a guest female vocalist and a duet with a pop star while quoting 'Rumi', my heart sank

By Manchester's Finest | 8 April 2016

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When I first heard that The Scream were releasing an album (Chaosmosis) of self-reflecting songs along with a guest female vocalist and a duet with a pop star while quoting ‘Rumi’, my heart sank. Has the oldest most belligerent glazed-eyed fools in town really started a journey of self-awakening and inner peace? No, they haven’t, have they hec!

It was an absolute pleasure to have this fact forcefully rammed down my throat at the wonderful Albert Hall Manchester. Bobby & Co delivering a blistering set of rock n roll electro, dance and punk rock, leaving the crowd of this music mad town in total bewilderment.

Right from the get-go, tonight’s opening track the classic gospel, rock infused ‘Moving On Up’ (Screamadelica) Bobby Gillespie lead vocals, has already covered every inch of the stage demanding the crowd to do more, leaving people that have just returned from the bar, little time to retake there spot, sip their drink before they ended up wearing it. This was a warning shot to everyone in the room that tonight’s gig was going to be fast, furious and people had best be ready.

Second track ‘Where The Light Gets in’ is when the super sassy, sexy Hannah Marsden from Snides takes to the stage to add backing vocals. She looked every bit of a rock star despite her petite 5′ frame as she shined and shimmered alongside an ageing band, they certainly seem to feed from her youthful sprite and with her presence alone she added an extra layer.

The Primal’s then switched to their back catalogue. It’s no secret that Primal Scream have always wanted to be in the Rolling Stones, their influence was felt most deeply in the next two tracks ‘It’s alright’ (More Light) and ‘Jailbird’ (Give Out But Don’t You Give Up) both Stone inspired Jagger swaging hip thrusters.

They then cranked it up a notch with ‘Accelerator’ (XTRMNTR) a heavy, brutally, guitar driven wall of sound delivered at break neck speed leaving Andrew Innes lead guitar, and Bobby G laughing at each other like they just killed a cat and left any children, old people or the faint heart in the room cowering for cover and definitely touching cloth.

The set continued, paintballing around their back catalogue and new songs, peppered with hits, surprises, changes of tempo and musical style that didn’t let up. It was underpinned by impeccable playing from drummer Darrin Mooney, keyboardist Martin Duffy and Simone Butler bassist, who has finally found her feet as a permanent member. There has been many different line up’s of Primal Scream over the years, this one may be softer, rounder, sober and dare I say more professional than the rest but they still have rock ‘n’ roll and fire burning in their gut.

By the time the mass bounce along for ‘Country Girl’ (Riot City Blues) The Albert Hall is dripping in sweat and the chemical inspired encore of ‘Loaded’ and ‘Come Together’ (Screamdelica) had finished, It left a bruised and battered crowd in complete shock and awe with a post gig euphoria, better than any drug to make their way into the night. Wondering how the hell have a band with 11 studio albums behind them, a 53 year old lead singer, still got one of  the most high energy rock ‘n’ roll shows in town making most younger bands seem meek and pathetic.