Spotlight on Parklife: Elrow

With Parklife fast approaching, we take a closer look at one of the biggest immersive party concepts out there - Elrow and their Far West stage...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 1 June 2017

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Nobody parties quite like the Spanish. Sure, us Brits like to pretend that we can stay out and dance and drink longer and harder and faster than anyone else, but in reality, we pale into obscurity compared to our Spanish cousins. One quick walk through the Printworks on a Saturday night at 1am completely exposes us for the frauds we are; complete with enough fighting, swearing, stumbling and smeared eyeliner to make Alice Cooper look like Alice in Wonderland.

The Spanish, on the other hand, are most likely to still be ironing their jeans at 1am on a Saturday – safe in the knowledge that they will be partying right up until the sun comes out and they can retire to the beach and continue the fun right through until Monday. They clearly do it better than we do, and this can be perfectly summed up by Elrow – legendary Barcelona outfit who have been responsible for a string of amazing events and are finally heading to Parklife Festival this June.

Elrow describe themselves as an immersive party concept, featuring events littered with elaborate sets, interactive performances and plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes. In fact, it can be pretty difficult to explain exactly what Elrow can do – words are hard to explain exactly what to expect, but this is my job and I have just bought a new Thesaurus – so I’m going to give it a bloody good try.

With a packed Summer of events including huge parties in Ibiza, Croatia and the UK – Elrow will be bringing their ‘Far West’ concept to Parklife with a promise of great artists, extensive sets, some crazy outfits and more confetti than a Dante’s Fireplace conference.

In fact – the confetti is a bit of a big deal with Elrow – they take great pride in only using Spanish confetti (as they believe that ‘foreign’ stuff is no good) and used more than 4000kg of the stuff during their 10 day event at Space in Ibiza last year.

Music wise you can expect the likes of Solardo, Waze & Odyssey, Joseph Capriati, Skream and Yousef to keep you dancing, while the Elrow lot disperse the fun and inflatables – creating the kind of party atmosphere only usually reserved for even the wildest nights of Carnivàle.

I suppose that’s the thing with Elrow – their ability to create mind-blowing productions and fully immersive experiences – Elrow manage to successfully move the focus away from the music and create an atmosphere where the crowd is at the forefront of creating a genuinely innovative and fun environment – regardless of what kind of tunes you’re into.

So when you get to Parklife, if you managed to get a ticket before they sold out last week (lucky sod) – you’d be a silly sausage not to head over to the Elrow arena and experience this truly exceptional experience.

Expect an abundance of dancers, performers, inflatables and explosions – the likes of which you’ve probably never seen in Manchester before. Get your cowboy boots on, grease up those thighs and don’t forget the sun cream – because you’re in for a long, long party – the kind those Barcelona lot just love.

Parklife Festival, Saturday 10th June & Sunday 11th June