Become a World Record Holder in Isolation

It's time to use your time productively...

By Alex Watson | 7 April 2020

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Toilet roll keepy-up challenge ⚽ - YouTube

I’ve got a little game of bingo for you. For each one you tick off you win 1 million Ugandan dollars*.

    • Spent an entire evening learning a TikTok Dance (two extra points if you’ve mastered the Renegade dance)
    • Become a master at a weird yoga pose (3 extra points if it involves standing on your head)
    • Built Lego 
    • Randomly shouted ‘that bitch Carol Baskin’  (10 extra points for being culturally up to date) (an additional 13.5 points if you believe she killed her husband) (she did)
    • Recreated that scene from the Lion King with your pet
    • Drank before 12pm (4 extra points for every other day you’ve been drunk)
    • Played a virtual quiz 
    • Completed the Stay At Home Challenge (with toilet roll or other ironic isolation household

Here’s where Guinness World Records comes in – the Stay At Home Challenge.

You get 30 seconds to complete as many touches with a brand-new, unused toilet roll. No brands are specified so feel free to use any.

I suspect a nice cushioned one, perhaps Triple Velvet, will have a more significant bounce, perfect for keepy uppies.

All you need to do is record your attempt, including a countdown from 3 before you start kicking. You can bounce on your feet, head or any other part of your body excluding hands and arms.

If the toilet roll hits the deck – it’s game over.

I’ve just had a go and it’s absolutely solid, I could barely get to 2. I have absolute 0 football skills so I’m taking that as a success.

It was equally as hard to get a picture of me doing this so sorry about the blur.

Anyway, get involved folks – got nowt else to do have we.

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*you obviously don’t – it’s just a bit of fun. But I’m impressed. Know that.