NEW OPENING: The Bakery & Microbrewery at Fire Station Square in Salford

Albert Bentley Place near the University is set for a new lease of life...

By Manchester's Finest | 27 October 2020

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The University of Salford are planning to redevelop the old Fire Station at Albert Bentley Place – creating a new bakery and cafe, complete with a microbrewery on site.

The project is aimed to kickstart the regeneration of the Fire Station area, a joint masterplan between the University and Salford City Council which hopes to improve on the public-facing buildings, as well as increase learning and research facilities on the site too.

Fire chief Albert Bentley

The square itself is named after Albert Bentley, a ‘pioneer’ and courageous fireman who served as Salford’s first ever fire chief from 1891 until 1904. He revolutionised the way the service was delivered in the city with a slew of ingenious and forward-thinking ideas – while still operating on the very front line while tackling fires.

The plan is to refurbish the fire station and the accompanying garages so that they can be leased out to external operators to run and manage. The plan is to create a cafe space with indoor and outdoor seating on the terrace, alongside a dedicated bar service area, and microbrewing facilities on site.

The University is yet to decide on who the external operators are set to be, so that’s all we know as of this time. Once the operator has been chosen, expect much more information to come flooding though.


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