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La Griglia al Bar: How do you like your steak? Cook your meat to perfection on Rosso's 200° lava stones

By Lee Isherwood | 14 February 2014

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LA GRIGLIA AL BAR: HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR STEAK? Rosso have released a new menu allowing dining perfectionists to cook their meat to perfection right there at the bar on Rosso’s 200° lava stones .


Hot stone serving is by no means a new innovation but personally it is one of my favourites. I was lucky enough to taste all 3 of the dishes below and for me it was all about the lamb, the mint jus-juniper was a perfect accompaniement. That said I’d not ordinarily when faced with a hot stones situation order the tuna, but it too was lovely. Good steak is a given, if you’re a red meat eater then why not cook and slice it just the way you like it, i’ll leave you to figure out rare – medium rare- medium and well done for yourselves, I’m told it’s something to do with touching your cheaks, nose and chin.

The dishes are avaialbe on the main menu but are being served mainly as a more casual dining experience around the bar and perching area. The portions are more than generous aswell, the sharing option is great if there’s a couple of you who don’t mind diping in.

Filetto Manzo – £26.95 or £50 to share
prime fillet of english beef
crushed peppercorn sauce with glazed
balsamic onions and bearnaise sauce

Corona di Agnello – £19.95
tender lamb cutlets
fresh mint jus-juniper with redcurrent jelly
and rosemary scented olive oil.

Tonno alla Rosso – £18.95
prime tuna loin
served with chilli and cherry tomato jam.
all our hot stone dishes are served
with vine ripened tomatoes, sauteed wild
mushrooms, hand cut chips and crisp mixed