The Chocolate

Chocolate connoisseurs can now experience the ultimate in mouth-watering decadence.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 28 May 2012

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What tastes like heaven and glitters like gold?

Chocolate connoisseurs can now experience the ultimate in exclusive, mouth-watering decadence. Following the launch of the ultimate chocolate experience – ‘the Chocolate’.

A fusion of British artisan and Italian passion, the Chocolate has taken more than Two years to perfect, offering the most unique and lavish way to indulge.

The 15 bespoke, handmade, champagne truffles are ‘enrobed’ in edible pure 24-carat gold flakes, before being placed into a contemporary, chic boutique presentation box, adorned by hand with more than 400 Swarovski crystals. Exclusivity is maximised by a uniquely numbered certificate that comes with each box.

Each truffle is made from some of the finest chocolate ingredients in the world, Including the award-winning Toscano Black 63% chocolate, which is produced by a small, artisan chocolate maker located just outside Pisa in Tuscany and has been recognised by the Academy of Chocolate as the ‘best bean to bar’ cocoa in the world.

The cocoa beans are refined using a traditional granite stone mill, creating a smoother tasting experience. The distinct Ganache taste within the truffle remains a closely guarded secret, although its creators confirm the Chocolate has a high champagne content.

A spokesperson explains “The Chocolate is an experience for all the senses. Our chocolates should be enjoyed like a fine wine, with every delicious moment being savoured’.

‘We have spent years sourcing the best ingredients for our luxury truffles, carefully selecting only the finest chocolate in the world and creating a presentation box which is individually encrusted with crystals by hand, making each one unique, so the Chocolate is an experience you won’t forget’

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