Gareth Brooks

Gareth Brooks is a Gentleman and a DJ through and through, we catch 30 mins & talk shop.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 13 June 2012

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Gareth Brooks is a gentleman and a DJ through and through, you can find him on XFM Manchester by day and spinning tunes in the corner of some of Manchester’s best clubs by night. We grabbed 30 minutes with Gareth to talk music, celebs and Man City FC.

What are your thoughts on the recent looting on the city & the subsequent “I Love MCR” campaign?
The night of looting in Manchester was a lot darker than reported. We live in the centre of town on a ground floor flat and saw some pretty disturbing scenes. It was a strange, strange time and not feeling safe in your own home wasn’t very pleasant. I thought the “I Love MCR” campaign was awesome. I loved the way the city pulled together and showed that community spirit that’s so endearing about Manchester. I was gutted to have missed the NQ Street Party though. I was asked to play, but I was in Scotland that weekend.

Where could we usually find you hanging out in Manchester?
Usually it’s wherever I’m DJing. If I’m not playing anywhere I’m usually found at Temple or Common.

You’re obviously a big City fan and got the opportunity to write for the City Magazine, how was that?
It was an honour to write for the City Magazine. Writing a column isn’t something I’m used to, so it was a surprise to have been asked.

You’ve been fortunate enough in your career so far to meet a vast array of interesting people, who’s been the most memorable?
The first time I met Ricky Gervais I was chatting to Karl Pilkington in his office. Ricky came in, began to squeeze Karl’s head and let out a massive screech. He let Karl go, turned round and walked out.

You attended the Fabric of England Umbro Launch with Peter Saville, his background in the Manchester music scene is iconic, I assume you hit it off pretty well?
Yeah, it was a good night. Umbro have been good to me over the last few years and Peter gave me his business card, so I guess we hit it off ok. (see more)

You do early mornings, regular nights around Manchester, guest slots, events and more – what is it that keeps you going?
Sleep and plenty of rest whenever I can get it. I like nothing better than lounging on the sofa, watching mind numbing TV in sweatpants and t-shirt when I’ve got a night off.

Would you like to plug anything right here and now? Events, Places, People…
Love playing at Hula Bar every Friday and Font every second Saturday. Always an honour to play at Funkademia and a special shout to Carsons Bar in Middleton for having me out there once a month. One last thing, I’ve a new weekly residency starting at The Ruby Lounge with the Pogo boys. Damaged Goods launches Thursday 22nd September and on every Thursday thereafter.

Quick Fire Manchester 5:
Fav Manchester Bar – Hula, Tiki Lounge.
Fav Manchester Restaurant – Nando’s.
Fav Manchester Club – Mint Lounge.
Fav Manchester Band – Fingathing.
Fav Manchester Legend – Luke Unabomber.


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