10 Tib Lane

A cosy hideaway boasting a frequently changing menu of French-inspired small plates.

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12pm - 1am
Wednesday: 12pm - 1am
Thursday: 12pm - 1am
Friday: 12pm - 1am
Saturday: 12pm - 1am
Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

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Don’t make the mistake of heading to Tib Street in NQ; instead, find your way to 10 Tib Lane. It’s cosily nestled on its namesake lane, conveniently positioned just off Cross Street and near the town hall. This particular city centre spot serves as an idyllic hideaway, perfect for those intimate, moodily lit rendezvous. If you’re craving a relaxed setting for a post-work catch-up, the ground floor bar, equipped with a selection of wines and cocktails, could be just what you’re looking for. Why not add a couple of oysters to the mix to elevate the experience? Alternatively, for the foodies, there’s the option to ascend to the upstairs dining area to explore a menu of French-inspired small plates.

One of the charming aspects of 10 Tib Lane is that it keeps you on your toes; with a menu that undergoes frequent rejuvenation, so you can expect something different each time you visit. And believe us, the variety and quality of dishes will entice you for more than just one visit. We’ve seen patrons praise their veg-focused plates, featuring unique pairings like red chicory harmoniously combining with pickles and candied walnuts, or an inviting ensemble of radicchio, pear, and fresh mint comfortably resting on a soft bed of luscious mascarpone.

But the inventiveness doesn’t stop with vegetables. You can usually find a perfectly pink, beautifully seared onglet or a mouth-wateringly juicy pork chop on the menu. Accompanying these are an array of ingenious seafood options that pique curiosity and satisfy the palate in equal measures. Picture, for instance, monkfish crudo paired with oyster leaf, a hint of orange, and lovage oil, or a substantial cod loin accompanied by crisp samphire, plump broad beans, and flavourful guanciale.