Mykonos-inspired flavours, blending modern Greek and Mediterranean finesse in sophisticated settings.

The Goods Yard Building Goods Yard Street, Manchester M3 3BG
0161 646 0321

Monday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Tuesday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Wednesday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Thursday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Friday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Saturday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late
Sunday: 12-3pm / 5pm-late

Inspired by culinary traditions spanning aeons and the contemporary chic of modern Mykonos, Fenix presents guests forward-thinking Greek-Mediterranean cuisine in a breathtaking environment. Situated in St John’s, close to Old Granada Studios, Factory International’s Aviva Studios, and the Castlefield heritage area, the fact this riverside corner of town is part of Enterprise City is entirely fitting. After all, we’re talking about a restaurant inspired by history and the 21st Century alike, led by celebrated chefs Ippokratis Anagnostelis and Zisis Giannouras, whose storytelling approach to food is augmented by cutting edge technology.

The address is an attraction in its own right. Once through the door, customers arrive in a space designed to represent the nest of a phoenix. This mythical and solitary firebird is born again every 500 years, new life emerging from the flames, and that legend is reflected in the decor and detailing throughout the ground floor area. Rising to rebirth, climb a statement staircase wrapped around an olive tree to find an upper floor dining room complete with jaw-dropping cliff face. Both spaces change with the time of day, subtle effects taking us from sun-soaked afternoon to moonlit after dark hedonism. 

To say the menu is equally epic would be an understatement. Fenix offers both an a la carte menu, divided into sections like Garden (think elaborate salads), Meze (classics like moussaka, grilled octopus, and caramelised aubergine), From The Open Fire (flamed fish, meats and more) and Pasta & Rice. Alternatively, go for one of three tasting-style menus, each comprising four ‘chapters’, and fully immerse yourself in this elevated dining experience. As you would hope, the wine list is beyond impressive and liquor range next level — one of few places in town pouring ultra-rare Metaxa Aen 3 and Louis XIII cognac. Suffice to say, the cocktails are just as immense, and conceived exclusively for this bar.