Holy Grain

Sandwiches, sourdough, sweet treats and more at this independent bakery with online ordering available.

Holy Grain
253 Deansgate Great Northern Mews, Manchester, M3 4EN
07399 473162

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Thursday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Friday: 8:30am - 3:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed

The Great Northern Goods Warehouse, or Great Northern to most locals nowadays, is known for a number of things. Awarded Grade II listed building status in 1974, the former railway freight storage depot first became operational in 1899, and 100 years later — give or take — reopened as the one-stop leisure complex we now know and love. Deansgate Mews is a small, elevated pedestrian street that runs down one side of the sprawling structure, and has successfully developed itself into an appealing option for the hungry and thirsty in central Manchester, welcoming a number of great independent businesses, including bars, restaurants and coffee houses, since units were created. 

Holy Grain is one example. This small, independent bakery specialises in naturally-leavened bread made for wholesale supply to Manchester’s overwhelmingly strong food and drinks industry. So, whether you knew it or not, if you’ve eaten out anywhere good in town recently, the loaves could well have come from here. Each of which is handmade and slowly fermented over a two-day period. This ensures maximum flavour, digestibility and health benefits, emphasising the cliche that good things come to those who are willing to wait. Thankfully, though, you can also just walk right in off the street and grab a bite to go. 

From sweet pastries to savoury delicacies, everything coming from the oven here has been made with expert attention to detail, due care and a whole lot of love. That counts for cinnamon swirls, Roman pizza, and the acclaimed sandwiches which are one of the most popular products from the artisanal bakers manning the ovens and mixing bowls. The range of fillings is impressive, and sets a precedent for other places to match. Open from 7.30AM most days (Holy Grain is closed on Mondays and only starts trading at 8AM on Sundays), all items are available daily, and you can also pre-order using a simple email: orders@holygrainsourdough.co.uk