Much-loved neighbourhood cafe specialising in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern breakfasts and lunch.

514 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 9AW
0161 861 9186

Monday: 10am - 3pm
Tuesday: 10am - 3pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 10am - 4pm

“Nine years ago we wanted to bring something different to Chorlton, through the years we have evolved, being fearless to change and embracing new trends and ways to eat, with original recipes and food,” say the team at Junipers in 2023. A well-established neighbourhood cafe in one of South Manchester’s busiest (and most competitive) districts for hospitality, the enduring success is enough to tell you that this place does what it does very well, building a loyal customer base in the area and catering to those that make a beeline for this part of town on weekend afternoons keen to hit the shops, green spaces and year-round calendar of community events, festivals and more. 

Proudly independent, the intimate eatery enjoys a central position on lively Wilbraham Road, just by the famous Chorlton Bookshop. Focusing on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean-style dishes, choices here are well beyond what you normally expect from breakfast, brunch and lunch spots. Take the Paratha Breakfast, for example, comprising scrambled eggs, homemade chorizo, feta cheese, sun dried tomato and red pepper sauce, and homemade dukkah. Or the cunningly named Not Just Avocado On Toast, which uses fresh vegetables, sauces and sourdough bread to elevate the classic dish. Another firm favourite, Dirty Harry Benedict, combines pulled beef brisket with poached eggs, jalapeño pesto and hollandaise.

Unsurprisingly, Junipers does a mean trade in coffees, and offers something of a rarity in this part of the world — Cafe Bombon, AKA Spanish-style coffee prepared using condensed milk for a unique flavour. Fruit smoothies are also a big thing here, each created for a specific health benefit, whether you’re looking to detox, support your immune system, or simply get some energy for the day ahead. Still not satisfied? Homemade milk shakes are an option, with a limited but well-chosen selection of European wines, beers and ciders available to boot.