Macari's Gelateria

Built on the strong foundations of a 100 year old Italian gelato recipe, the Macari brand has arrived in Manchester

Macari's Gelateria
446 Didsbury Rd, Heaton Mersey, Stockport SK4 3BS
07763 462 566

Monday: 9.30am-6pm
Tuesday: 9.30am-6pm
Wednesday: 9.30am-6pm
Thursday: 9.30am-6pm
Friday: 9.30am-6pm
Saturday: 9.30am-6pm
Sunday: 9.30am-6pm

It’s time to face tough facts: you can fall head over heels for ice cream, and then discover gelato. They say Italian’s do it better, and that’s certainly true when it comes to frozen sweet treats scooped into a tub or cone, with the country shorthand for the finest in glacé goods. This is before we come to the type of ice cream Macari’s makes, which uses the very same recipe owner Michelle’s family brought with them from the Old Country more than a century ago, with ingredients and equipment also imported from Bologna — one of the world’s foremost foodie cities. 

Back here in Manchester, or Stockport to be precise, Macari’s has become something of an icon in town, adding to a growing list of incredible places to eat and drink. While the team here keep the secret to their perfect gelato close to the their hearts, we can reveal plenty about the options on the menu. And there are plenty. Southern Mediterranean classics like Pistachio Cremino, Mango Alphonso, and Amarena Cherry sit next to more contemporary and branded varieties. For example, Lotus Biscoff, Oreo, and Bueno, and each has been made with love and passion using the same artisanal skills and ingredients. 

Still want more? How about Stracciatella (fine strands of chocolate stirred through the ice cream), Kinder Egg, Nutella Cookie, Jammy Dodger, Twix, Vanilla, Fior de Latte, Cookie Dough or Strawberry? An impressive selection, to put it mildly, Macari’s also does a number of great non-frozen treats. Not least the milkshakes, cannoli, croissants, and various other cakes and pastries, alongside hot cups of goodness (including freshly made coffee) and a choice of cold soft drinks, if that’s more your thing. A bonafide institution for good reason, it doesn’t have to be summer to pay this emporium a visit.