Mr Fries

Loaded fries like you’ve never seen them before, alongside smashed and chicken burgers, tenders and more

Mr Fries
153 Great Ducie Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M3 1FB
0161 222 4747

Monday: 12-11pm
Tuesday: 12-11pm
Wednesday: 12-11pm
Thursday: 12-11pm
Friday: 3pm-12am
Saturday: 12pm - 12am
Sunday: 12-11pm

Things have come a long way since street vendors first started selling thinly cut fried potatoes on the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris, just before the French Revolution. But the smart money is on those early adopters being pretty impressed by the idea of loaded fries. And Mr Fries, which makes no secret of its love for pommes frites with everything, takes this game to a whole new level. Operating two sites in central-ish Manchester, its first, here in Cheetham Hill, quickly become so successful there was a clear need to double up, giving some idea as to how seriously they do what they do. Now, onto the menu

The team say Mr Fries has “elevated and taken loaded fries up a notch.” We’d say that’s a huge understatement. To borrow the cliché, this is a place where there’s a plate of loaded fries for everyone, whether the fried potatoes come with seafood or lasagne. So, think buffalo, honey, sweet chilli, naga BBQ, spicy, and spicy BBQ chicken. Moving on from poultry, the loaded doner is an institution here, and comes with the same choice of sauces as the aforementioned. 

Those after something saltier might want to check the shrimp selection, with fried and battered jumbo bits from the sea alongside a variety of toppings. Or, alternatively, punt for an Italian, with options including the chicken parmesan, pepperoni and margherita pizza. The list could go on — smash burgers, as part of loaded fries or in a bun, wraps, chicken burgers, and chicken tenders are also available. Simply put, Mr Fries is a one-stop shop for all things fast food and flavoursome, with supersize as standard, although it’s the unique combinations that set this place apart in a very busy market. Available for online or in real life orders, including leading food delivery platforms.