Sorting places

Crazy Wendy’s

Authentic Khon Kaen Thai dishes with unmatched value for dine-in or takeout.

Tuk Tuk

Thai, Chinese and other flavours from the East in one restaurant doing everything from Thai curry to Korean wings.


Gateway to Cambodian cuisine, offering an exploration of vegan delights alongside traditional meat and seafood dishes.

Rosa’s Thai

A friendly chain spot on Deansgate, serving tasty Thai classics in a simple, pleasant setting.

Siam Smiles

City centre restaurant serving up authentic Thai street food, beer and wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Try Thai

A colourful celebration of Thai flavours, featuring seafood, signature dishes, and exotic cocktails.

Nahmprik Thai Cuisine

Thai beloved by locals with extensive menu of classic dishes, with standout vegan and gluten-free options.