The Grumpy Baker

A renowned dark kitchen specialising in cheesecake but preparing a range of incredible and unique desserts.

The Grumpy Baker
339 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 0SN
07597 292037

Monday: 5pm - 12am
Tuesday: 5pm - 12am
Wednesday: 5pm - 12am
Thursday: 5pm - 12am
Friday: 5pm - 1am
Saturday: 5pm - 1am
Sunday: 5pm - 12am

Don’t believe the hype — from first hand experience, we can confirm The Grumpy Baker is actually really very lovely. In fact, they only thing we’d say they’re guilty of is adding a few pounds to our waistline thanks to the unbelievable lush artisanal desserts this place specialises in, with all menu items available to order online or over the phone for delivery services. Of course, they might not want us spreading how nice they are, and instead will probably prefer it if we stuck to the pan, and talked about those cakes and sweet treats. 

From a dark kitchen in Cheetham Hill, to the UK, The Grumpy Baker has made a name for itself as one of Britain’s finest temples of dessert, and for more reasons than the Famous Cheesecake. But let’s start with that anyway. According to legend, this recipe took the baker extraordinaire no less than four years to perfect, and might well be the only one like it in the world. We’re not sure, so don’t quote that, but suffice to say this is how cheesecake should always be done, it’s just you never knew it. 

That kind of standard follows across the entire menu, which is best described as a kind of fantasyland of delectable naughtiness using that cheesecake as a base and then varying the details, although menu options range from Chocolate KINDER Molten Cake to Sticky Toffee Pudding. Ideal for birthdays and celebrations of any kind. Even if you are just celebrating finishing work on a Monday, everyone involved is Extremely passionate not just about producing mind-blowing desserts, but also experimenting and taking influence from across the world, those expecting cakes-by-numbers can think again, with an abundance of innovative creations on offer based on unique and sometimes unusual flavours and ingredients, all of which are of the most exacting quality, of course.