All Star Lanes - New Menu

A far cry from the Whimpy in MegaBowl I frequented as a teen.

By Lee Isherwood | 14 November 2014

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A few weeks ago when it was hot off the press I went along to All Star Lanes to check out their new menu. Fast forward to the here and now and fashionably late as always I’m writing it up.


To be honest when I’m planning to go out for dinner my mind doesn’t automatically think bowling alley. Chatting to the folks at All Star lanes though it seems they’re giving that mind shift a go, and fair play to them given what we ate I can see why. Many a thing on the menu is to be expected and doesn’t dissapoint, the fries are excellent, the burgers are as good as many an artisan burger joint can muster and the drinks selection rivals that of the NQ’s finest bars.


There was however 1 thing none of the Finest team were expecting to find on the menu let alone order and be genuinly impressed by just how good it was, that dish was Chargrilled Cajun Swordfish. It was cooked perfectly, packed with fresh flavour and extremely tasty, we were gutted we’d only ordered 1 between us to try.


If I remember rightly the chef now at All Star was formerly at Panacea so it stands to reason that the quality has been transferred over. Desserts we’re best served at the lanes, couple of plates and some cake forks and we were away.

In short we had a cracking night and the food was more of a talking point than we originally gave it credit for. A far cry from the Whimpy in MegaBowl I frequented as a teen, All Star Lanes has certainly got the balance to create a rounded evening out. I’m still not sure the bowling alley will be top of my list when I think of dinner out, but as far as eating a decent meal before 3 intense rounds of bowling, I’m there.