Heartbeat: Review

For the first time ever, ITV’s Sunday evening 60s police drama, Heartbeat comes to the stage starring members of the TV cast.

In 2014 The Dalesman magazine included Heartbeat in its 75 Yorkshire icons, coming in at No.65, a few places ahead of rhubarb – it might’ve been a better choice to adapt Ballykissangel instead, or that one programme where Richard Briers ran around in a kilt drinking whisky.

This could be the age of adolescence talking – I was usually watching my Dad iron my school uniform as the opening credits of Heartbeat began to roll which attached itself to that Sunday night (don’t make me go to school) feeling.

In its first theatrical run, Heartbeat features many of its best-loved characters including Geoff Younger and David Stockwell.  Nick Berry’s character didn’t turn up much to the disappointment of… me.

Not dissimilar to the programme its plot’s twists and turns are minimal and never too shocking. To counteract anything that could be a little too intense David Stockwell (Lonsdale) was waiting in the wings with his toy dog – the puppet probably received the biggest laughs of the night, but it was always an adaptation of something that was light-hearted Sunday night viewing; we shouldn’t expect any more or less.

One highlight was the soundtrack – boasting the sounds of 60’s along with the iconic reinterpretation of Buddy Holly’s Heartbeat. The only thing missing was… Nick Berry performing Heartbeat live on stage.

Gauging the reaction of the audience members around me, the plot and its characters went down a treat – and even if it wasn’t my usual Sunday night go to, it’s always nice to see an audience enjoy themselves.

If you were a fan of the TV show I would highly recommend seeing the stage show – it’s reminiscent of an era prior to keeping up with all things Kardashian and brings with it a sense of Sunday night nostalgia.



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