Can you escape from this mental memorabilia collector’s bedroom in 60 minutes?

Time for another exclusive look at another one of Breakout’s fantastic escape rooms and this one is certainly one for those homebred Manchester natives out there…

By Steven Pankhurst | Last updated 21 February 2019

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So, the premise is that you are a robber who has broken into Zack’s bedroom. Zack is a passionate collector of all things Manchester related- we’re talking posters, music and memorabilia.

You and your group of thieves have broken into his bedroom to steal some valuables only to find yourself trapped. You have 60 minutes to collect the valuable items and escape before he comes back.

It is important to know that you do not need extensive knowledge of Manchester for this challenge, and anyway, you don’t need to be here for long before you know all the stars, all the references and all the things we are proud of.

This room has a 5-star difficulty rating so do not be surprised if you and your team do not make it out– it is probably one of the hardest ones there is. Am I sure you must be up for the challenge though?

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