You can now get your hair cut in Primark (so I got a mullet)

Joe Mills has set up shop in menswear, bringing high-quality hairdressing to the masses.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 25 July 2019

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There have been a few recent additions to the large Primark store on Market Street including a Friends themed Central Perk cafe and a beauty hall (where you can get your nails and eyebrows done), and now there’s another – a hairdresser!

Joe Mills is pretty big on the hair scene – not only has he been running his own salon, The Lounge in Soho for the last 20 years but he’s also a hugely respected session stylist for men’s hair – regularly working with magazine and celebrities on editorial, film and project work.

So what’s he doing in the menswear department of Primark on Market Street on a Tuesday afternoon talking to me?

Well, he was there to launch his new barbershop, an endeavour that has seen him partner with the high street giant to offer men (and women) cuts while they do their shopping.

I spoke to Joe and he was very excited about the concept and the aim for his business and brand is to allow people access to high-quality, first-class hairdressing in a convenient location.

Most people would find it nigh on impossible to open up a barbers on a hugely busy high street in a major city, but the partnership with Primark allows Mills to do this – subsequently offering opportunities to local trainees and future hairdressers from the local area too.

As such I decided to go on down and check the place out and in the process ended getting my hair cut. Now, this isn’t just any old hair cut – this was a BIG job. To test them I decided to let the first hairdresser in 12 years touch my hair and seeing as I hadn’t touched it for 2 years – it was LONG.

I decided to ask for a mullet, the staple cut of many a legend such as Pat Sharpe, Billy Ray Cyrus and my go-to; Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 1.

I sat down with Head Stylist Liam and he proceeded to tackle my untamed mane. It must be said, I was extremely happy with the results – what do you think?

Now fully open, head on down to the menswear department of Primark and check MILLS out.