Campaign calls for trams to ‘run through the night’ across Greater Manchester

Councillors say people across the region should have the option of a ‘safe and regular journey home at night’.

By Charlotte Puckering | 25 October 2022

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Liberal Democrat councillors submitted a motion asking Salford City Council to back their call for Metrolink night trams to run until 2am during the week and until 4am at weekends.

Currently, trams stop running at midnight seven days a week.

Councillors say they want a service that ‘suits workers, residents and tourists’, and are citing a petition run over the last two years which has ‘hundreds of signatures’. 

Councillor Alex Warren said: “There is an appetite for this in Greater Manchester. Many other cities have this and we are lacking in our public services.

“Having the option of a safe and regular journey home at night for workers and customers is sensible.” 

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The motion says that in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Greater Manchester has ‘bounced back in a big way’. 

It reads: “Gigs, restaurants, clubbing and festivals have blossomed with millions flocking to Salford and Greater Manchester. If you are out working, or enjoying yourself late at night, residents face a curfew for the tram, expensive taxis, or a risky walk home in the dark.”

The motion goes on to reference Ella Watson, a local resident in London who successfully campaigned to get the night tube reinstated to ensure the safety of women across the city.

It continues: “A late-night level of access to Greater Manchester’s tram services is the best option to ensure thousands of women across the region can get home safely in the evenings and at night.

“Millions of people enjoy and work as part of the city’s famous and vibrant night-time economy. Let’s provide commuter services that extend beyond the nine-to-five for our hospitality workers.”

The motion proposes to ask Transport for Greater Manchester to run a three-month trial of the night trams on the Eccles via Media City to Ashton-under-Lyne services, and to monitor its success.

It will also ask Salford city mayor Paul Dennett to write to Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham for their support.