Work on your core!

Gone are the days of doing 1000s of crunches each week, praying for results to show. It's crazy to think some people still waste their time with this approach!

By Lee Isherwood | 19 June 2018

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Our resident PT Gaz Burrows has put together a home training package for the team here at Finest and decided to make it readily available for our readers through his site.

We’re not exactly gym people here in the office but we do realise the benefits of doing something every week to keep the weight off, all this eating out and filming it takes it’s tole on the waistline!

In general most of us would benefit with a stronger core, be it for prevent or recovery from injury or simply for an improved physique, performance or build. A majority of us know this and have a goal of becoming stronger in this area yet are completely stuck on how to train safely, in a way that will enable us to see results fast.

The idea of this workout is it teaches you how to work and train your core effectively and efficiently, taking you through exercises that integrate flexion, extension, stabilisation and rotation.

The full program is home based, meaning you need absolutely nothing to get started apart from some space in your house. Taking the training into the gym is also an option too, using the program as a mean core finisher post weight session.

Here’s what’s in the pack:

– the complete 8 week home based plan
– the manual with nutrition advice and plan guidance
– access to the video library showing you exactly how to perform each exercise
– periodisation and progression advice to even further develop strength to continuously see results
– ATHLETIC HIIT and ENDURANCE focus sessions to help you get fitter, stronger and leaner

The workout is limitless and it’s something you can keep and work with forever. So whether your looking to increase core strength for sport performance or simply want to tone and develop your abs.

Get your instant download of ATHLETIC ABS today by visiting and don’t forget to add MCRFINEST at the checkout for 30% off