Get the High Score & WIN big with Virtual Hideout this Summer

They've got a brilliant new VR game at Virtual Hideout - beat it and you can WIN loads!

By Steven Pankhurst | 16 July 2019

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Over the next month the gang at Virtual Hideout, the city’s best and most advanced VR experience, will be offering you the chance to try and beat the high score on Space Pirate Trainer VR. Do it and you can win a LOAD of top prizes (as well as some serious respect).

So what even is Space Pirate Trainer VR? Well once you’ve got your headset on you’ll see that you’re on a circular platform in some dark futuristic city. You’ll also notice that you’ve got two big bloody guns in your hands.

From here on it’s simple. You’ll be bombarded by a ton of pesky robots, all shooting at you and trying to kill you – so just do what you think you should – kill the buggers first.

It’s a lot of fun and gets surprisingly difficult (as well as tiring) as wave after wave of flying robot tries to ice you. You can get yourself power ups though like a shield and better guns.

So, head on down to Virtual Hideout before Friday 9th August and if you’re in the top 3 players you will win:

●  £100 in vouchers to use at Chill Factore Manchester
●  A free game for 5 at Breakout Manchester
●  A round of golf for two at Tree top adventure golf in the Printworks

Good Luck!


Space Pirate Trainer VR at Virtual Hideout

Date: Before Friday 9th August
To Win: Be one of the top 3 highest scorers


Virtual Hideout, J and K, Unit I, Deansgate, Great Northern M3 4EN
0161 834 7336