(Super)Nature @Selfridges

Selfridges begin Spring with a store-wide creative scheme taking a fresh look at nature.

By Lee Isherwood | Last updated 27 April 2017

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Selfridges marks the beginning of Spring with a store-wide creative scheme which takes a fresh look at nature. Taking inspiration from the fashion world, design industry trends and the work of artists, the iconic store windows are transformed into a neoninfused forest. Meanwhile, the unique Concept Store space becomes Grow! – a new radical look at urban gardening.

Grow! which is housed in Selfridges’ Concept Store, the London store’s destination for the most unexpected temporary shops and concept installations, demonstrates that living in cities surrounded by concrete, steel and glass can be the perfect environment to make nature grow.

Grow! at Selfridges presents a host of innovative products and solutions, some of which were created exclusively for Selfridges. They were all selected to instill a sense of possibility that, even in the tiniest apartment, it can be easy and hugely rewarding to reconnect with nature through gardening.

Grow! features highly creative underground activist gardening brands, including SeedBom’s collection of seed-packed grenade-shaped soil-filled wraps, designed to be thrown at even the most barren cityscapes to create areas of life within them.

Linda Hewson, Selfridges Head of Creative, explains the project: “Our aim with Grow! is to inspire people to embrace unexpected ways to garden – even in the absence of a garden! Be it using a gardening grenade or a hanging potted plant with next to no maintenance involved in nurturing it, I think people will be surprised at how easy it can be to be green-fingered when living in the City.”

Style enthusiasts who may be new to the world of gardening are catered for in the form of chic accessories and tools – designed for those who refuse to be a wallflower! Icelandic jewellery brand HAF by Hafsteinn Juliusson presents a quirky collection of handcrafted Growing Jewellery, exclusive to Selfridges in the UK, which fuses nature with fashion in a range of playful silver pieces housing miniature garden replicas.

Selfridges’ Creative team respond to the a trend which the Future Laboratory are calling ‘Rurban’ – a quest for simplicity and authenticity amongst urban-dwellers – with the creation of a window scheme entitled Wild Wood.

Taking its cue from the catwalk, Wild Wood showcases natural references from leading designers including Jil Sander, Maison Martin Margiels, Celine and Miu Miu. Stunning Homewear collections from Pedlars, Loft Living and Skandium take pride of place in the Duke Street windows.
Let’s hope they role this out up in the Manchester store, would love to see it in Manchester!!

Images by Andrew Meredith


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